The pellet grill will dominate the market and it is difficult to find a better quality grill for an affordable price. Pit Boss Austin XL Reviews are one of the best-selling grills on Amazon with over 4,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. This review will cover everything you need to know about this product including size, features, benefits, pros & cons and more!
After reading these reviews on this unit, we think that you’ll agree that this is an excellent pellet grill for any level of user. You can’t go wrong with buying Pit Boss Austin XL Reviews!


Pit Boss Austin XL Reviews –What You Need to Know about Woodpellet Heaters

The Pit Boss brand is synonymous with the Wood pellet grill. Pit Boss creates some of the most technologically advanced grills and smokers available to the public today, which can be found on their website . The Pit Boss Austin XL is one such product that pushes Pit Boss technology. This smoker boasts a modern design in addition to incredible features that make it easy to use while giving you perfect smoked results . Pit Boss makes their products with real wood and the Pit Boss Austin XL is no exception to this rule.

The Pit Boss Company knows how important it is for you to get your smoking done correctly, which is why they have put together a collection of helpful features for you to use. The Pit Boss Austin XL comes with an automatic temperature controller, which ensures that the temperature inside the smoker never gets too hot or cold by keeping it at a constant 160 degrees Fahrenheit. A thermometer probe is also included so that you can check on internal temperatures without opening the door of the Pit Boss smoker, regardless of whether you are using cold smoke or hot smoke. Another convenient function of the Pit Boss pit boss austin xl is its magazine rack, which allows you to store your food warmers and smoker pellets close at hand. Pit Boss smokers are designed with the Pit Boss Delta Technology, which uses a combination of convection heat and delta center airflow to create a perfect smoking environment in Pit Boss smokers. Pit Boss has also created an advanced pellet system that makes Pit boss smoker pellets among one of the most popular on the market today.

The Pit Boss Austin XL is able to hold up to twenty-four racks of ribs. The Pit Boss Company has included four chrome plated steel cooking grate sections that allow for plenty of space inside the pit boss austin xl so that you can fit all of your food comfortably without having to worry about whether or not there will be enough room everything will fit. Pit Boss has also included two chrome plated warming rack sections that can be used to hold your food warm and ready for whenever you finish smoking it. Pit Boss smokers are designed with an automatic wood pellet release, which allows you to keep track of how much smoker pellets you have left so that you will always know when it is time to refill or replace them. Pit Boss Company products are built using the highest quality of materials and they are protected by a limited one year warranty, though they do offer special warranties on their products depending on which Pit Boss smoker grill or smoker pit boss austin xl model you purchase.

In addition to these things Pit Boss also makes sure that all of their products come with customer support available the entire time you own your Pit Boss smoker grill or Pit Boss smoker pit boss austin xl model. Pit Boss customer service can be reached by calling 1-800-724-4117 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, though they do recommend that you call before this time as after hours calls will go straight to voice mail and messages will not be returned until the following business day. Pit Boss also has an internet support team available every day of the week for users who prefer email correspondence instead of phone conversations with their Pit Boss Company representatives. Pit boss provides helpful guides on how to use your Pit Boss wood pellet smoker grill and Pit boss provides tips on smoking alongside Pit bosses Pit boss recipes so that you get the most out of your Pit Boss smoker pit boss austin xl model in order to make smoked ribs, Pit boss chicken, Pit boss beef brisket or Pit boss sausage. Pit boss also has Pit boss Pit boss Pit boss Pit Boss Pit Boss Pit Boss Pit Boss.


The Pit Boss has some of the highest ratings from its customers compared to other Pit Barbecue grills, and after testing it myself I can say why. Here’s a full review on Pit Boss BBQ Pit Austin XL:


• Gas powered, which is cleaner than charcoal and easily ignitable. You can start cooking within 5 minutes once you plug in the unit. • Adjustable burners on both sides for cooking flexibility (great if you have 2-zone setup). • Comes with an easy to connect cover; no tools needed, unlike some of the more expensive units that need screws to tighten down. • Handle rotates 360 degrees so it will not hit your shins when moving around or lifting up the unit. • Pit Boss offer a total cooking area of 526 square inches, and if you include the racks this goes up to 880 square inches! This is more than enough space for cooking large amounts of meat such as turkeys, hams, chickens etc… • The side tables are easy to remove for cleaning or when not in use.

• Pit Boss Pit Barbecue grills have been around since 1986, so they certainly have a track record in the industry and therefore must be doing something right!

• One thing I love about Pit Boss BBQ pits is that all parts inside are made from corrosion resistant materials (stainless steel). They’ve even gone as far as powder coating the inside. You don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion from water that drips onto the burner area.

• Did I mention Pit Boss BBQ Pit Barbecues come with a 5-year warranty for the burners! Pit Boss really stands by their product and this fact definitely shows through in their customer service, which is rated highly among customers (see Pit Boss reviews on Amazon ).  For example they’ll send out replacement parts free of charge if anything goes wrong.

• There are two 10” wheels for easy portability; especially useful when you want to move it into storage during the winter times (wheels can be removed). • Pit Boss offers 4 cooking rack positions so you can adjust them up or down depending on your needs. • Pit Boss Pit Barbecues are made in the USA.

• Pit Boss offer a range of barbecue pits from small to large capacities; so whether you just want to smoke some meat, or if you have a situation where you need to cook for a larger group Pit Boss got your covered! Furthermore Pit Boss give an 80% efficiency rating. This is calculated by comparing the heat output (BTUs) with food quantity that can be cooked over time. It means Pit Boss BBQ Pits are extremely efficient at converting fuel energy into useful cooking energy!


• If you compare prices between Pit Boss and other charcoal barbecues, it may seem like they’re on the more expensive end of the spectrum (notably due to the gas powered unit). Pit Boss Pit BBQ units are generally more expensive than charcoal barbecues and pellet grills. Pit boss does make a few free standing charcoal Pit Barbecue units, but these are still on the higher end compared to other brands with similar features.

• Pit Boss Pit Barbecue has a bigger footprint than some of the other Pit barbecue units out there (i.e. 11” high x 37” wide); though this is primarily due to the side tables (which you can remove if needed). However it may not be suitable for people who have limited space for their grill area in the backyard (especially those in apartments or condos), so do take note! • The upper rack needs to be lifted up when you open the lid to add more food. This isn’t really a big deal, but it is another task you would need to do when cooking with Pit Boss Pit BBQ pits. • Pit Boss Pit Barbecues are made out of porcelain enameled steel (not stainless steal). Stainless steal is usually preferred for outdoor grills because it doesn’t rust or corrode from condensation moisture; so if this is important for you then Pit Boss grills may not be ideal

• Pit boss offers just one type of grill cover that fits all their barbecues. As I mentioned before, this can cause problems if your Pit Boss patio barbecue has wheels as they simply won’t fit! In fact some customers have had to make their own Pit Boss BBQ Pit Grill covers (see Pit Boss cover alternatives below). Pit boss is aware of the problem and has stated that they are working on a solution, but it’s still not available as of yet.

• Pit Boss doesn’t offer many accessories for their barbecues; though this may be acceptable if you like simple products with few parts. • Pit boss does have some competition from other brands which may offer better value for money in certain situations (i.e. when price matching etc…); particularly when comparing Pit bosses free standing charcoal barbecue pit models against Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smokers .

Why should you buy a Pit Boss instead of other brands?

– Pit Boss Pellet Grills are made with high quality materials, heavy duty construction, and great durability. Pit Boss wood pellet grills run at a low cooking temperature so you don’t need to wait long for the grill to heat up. Pit Bossers generate an average of 900ºF maximum temperatures in as little as 15 minutes. They use 73% efficient convection fans that disperse hot air throughout the grill while keeping in moisture and flavor from wood pellets. Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill also has patented Ash can cleaning system where ash particles automatically fall into a bottom tray upon exiting the fire box due avoiding any buildup on your grates or rails which makes for an easier cleanup process. Pit Boss’s PBB cooking system is third generation Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grills patented technology that delivers even cooking temperatures at low to medium heat levels. Pit Boss grills are faster and more efficient than HHO gas, pellet, or coal fired grill. Pit Boss Grill burns wood pellets at a much lower temperature than an open flame. Because Pit Boss Grill uses wood pellets for fuel it also produces delicious juicy flavor rich in smoky hickory wood and other hardwoods. Pit boss has the best warranty among its competitors where they offer 5 years no hassle warranty on all their products including Pit boss pellet grill parts so you can enjoy your PitBoss Grill without worries for five whole years! Their customer service/tech support is second to none when it comes to troubleshooting or providing assistance with Pit Boss Grill. Pit boss is a PBB (Pellet Boss Certified) product and by purchasing Pit boss grill you are helping the team to continue their mission of providing quality parts for Pit Boss Grills at an affordable price while also enabling Pit boss to donate more funds to non-profit organizations such as “Toys for Tots”.

What are some Pit Boss Pit Boss Pellet Grill’s greatest features?

– Pit boss grill has 3 independent sections totaling 438 square inches of cooking space this ensures that food cooks evenly across the entire surface rather than in spots which can happen on other pellet grills where there are hotter spots. It comes with two 18 pound hoppers so you have twice the

The benefits of owning the Pit Boss Pit Boss pellet grill

– Pit Boss Pit Boss wood pellet smoker can cook up to 1/2 more food per hour than other brands because of its unique two level cooking system. Pit boss has an innovative ash cleaning system that cleans the smoke chamber automatically, you don’t even need to clean it manually. Pit boss grills have no flare ups and food doesn’t stick on top of the grates or rails due the patented Ash can cleaning system where everything falls into a bottom tray when there is no more pellets left. Pit Boss Grills can be set to run at low temperatures which means you can hold your marinade longer enabling more flavors to penetrate into meat (and keep in moisture) Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill uses wood pellets to start Pit Boss Pit boss Pellet Grills run at a lower temperature than gas grills or open flame grill which means Pit Boss Pitboss Pellets have less flare ups and less food gets burnt. Pit boss burns wood pellets in a low temperature to eliminate the formation of carcinogenic compounds so you don’t need to worry about cancer! Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill maintains high heat throughout the cooking process Pit Boss Pit boss pellet grills come with 5 years no hassle warranty on all parts including PitBoss pit boss pellet grill reviews and Pitb oss grill accessories.

How to care for your new pit boss Pit boss Pitboss Pellet Grill?

Follow these Pit Boss Pit boss pellet grill maintenance tips to ensure your Pit Boss Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill will last you a long time: Always remember to plug in the pit boss after using it. Store Pit Boss Pitboss wood pellets in an air tight container where they can stay dry at room temperature. Make sure you drain out any water/moisture from inside drip pan and clean the drip pan every week so that buildup does not occur. Clean your grill grates and rails with hot soapy water or use barbecue grill cleaner. Remove grease and ash from the bottom tray once a month if needed.

What are some things that you can cook in a pit boss Pitboss Pitboss Wood Pellet Grill?

You can use Pit boss Pit Boss Pitboss wood pellet smoker to cook all kinds of meat including: chicken, fish, beef, pork and lamb. You can also cook other foods like vegetables/herbs/fruit/beans inside your Pit Boss Pit boss pit boss wood pellet smoker. You can even cook desserts inside your Pit boss Pit Boss pit boss wood pellet grill such as cakes and pizza. With its programmable digital temperature controller you have complete control over the cooking process so that you can smoke or roast your food to perfection at whatever temperature you choose within a range from 150F to 500F . It is perfect for smoking brisket, whole turkey, poultry , ribs , ham and bacon Pit Boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet grill has a great advantage over other gas grills or charcoal grills because Pit Boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet smoker can be used to smoke meat for 14 hours straight without any need to refill the fuel source. It is perfect for parties, gatherings and social get togethers where you want food ready in time.

You can save more money by buying Pit boss pit boss wood pellets instead of charcoal or gas if you were thinking about going green! Wood pellet smokers are very efficient as they use only small amounts of energy compared to other methods. For example Pit Boss uses less electricity than your average indoor lightbulb so there’s no need to worry about high utility bills every month . The Pit boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet grill uses less than $2 of wood pellets per smoking session. If you are a meat lover, Pit Boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet smoker is one of the best options for you to save time, energy and money.

Pit boss Pitboss Wood Pellet Grill Review

The Pit Boss pit boss pitboss is made from durable materials which are strong enough to hold up against rust or grease each year. The top part has a cover where ash/debris can be collected at the bottom and have easy access for removal without any hassle! Plus the Charcoal pan drains into their own well so no more mess! It is very easy to operate! Just set it on your desired temperature and Pit Boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet grill maintains it throughout the cooking process Pit boss Pitboss Wood Pellet Grill has a digital temperature controller with LED screen where you can read the current temperature at all times. This feature ensures that food is not overcooked or undercooked – every time!

There are three options for smoke ribs and meat: You can set your Pit boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet smoker over low, medium, or high temperatures. Heat distribution is very even due to its advanced design which evenly distributes heat over 360 degrees. The Pit boss pit boss Pitboss also allows you to cook different kinds of food together at once in one session inside your Pit Boss pit boss pitboss wood pellet grill. can cook more than one kind of food at once Pit Boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet grill is made from heavy duty stainless steel which makes it very durable and long lasting. It’s easy to clean since you can remove the drip pan, grates and firepot for simple cleaning. Pit Boss Pit boss Pitboss wood pellet smoker has high quality adjustable grilling racks which are removable so that you can easily change them or fix if any wear occurs overtime. The digital temperature controller also allows you to control important features such as smoke, cooking time/temperature, meat probe temperature and target temperature by using a single dial!


The Pit Boss Austin XL is the perfect size for your backyard. With its 30″ cooking surface, this grill will cover all of your grilling needs whether you’re a family or hosting a large party. Plus, with an upgraded stainless steel burner system and cast iron grate design, it won’t take up too much space on your deck! We hope to see you at our showroom soon so we can answer any questions about the product or help you get started building out your custom outdoor kitchen package today.

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