It’s an attractive day out. You have your meat experienced as well as ready. Your family is looking to you, Grillmaster, to feed them a scrumptious smoked dish. However then the unthinkable occurs. You go to light your grill, but the flames and also heat avoid you. Or, even worse yet, the burners remain lit for only a few mins and afterwards go cool. Before cursing the grill gods and also resting on the phone for 3 hours with client service, attempt these alternatives detailing just how to repair a barbecue grill that won’t light or stay lit.

Check The Gas

Yes, I understand. It’s possibly the first thing you did, but I have actually reached be comprehensive. If your grill has a gas gauge, examine it and afterwards provide the tank a lift, to see to it your scale isn’t malfunctioning. If it doesn’t have a scale, offer the tank a lift– empty storage tanks weight around 16 extra pounds. Complete storage tanks are around 37 extra pounds.

If your container has gas in it, go on to the following step. If it does not, well, you know what to do.

Note: If you do have gas, see to it the storage tank is fully open. Perhaps you shut it last time and also ignored it. Transform the storage tank shutoff counter-clockwise until it quits to open up the storage tank totally.

If your heaters still don’t light, it could be a trouble with the gas circulation or the ignition. Start with the simplest thing initially: gas circulation.

Check for Gas Flow

To see if your burners are obtaining gas, you can light them manually. To do it, obtain a lengthy suit or lighter and also put the flame near your burner with the gas on. Make certain you open up the cover prior to you switch on the gas, please!

If your heaters light, after that it’s the ignition button or the circuitry. If the burners won’t light, you either have a clog or an issue with your regulatory authority or gas line.

If your ignition button works, yet not all of your heaters light, you more than likely have an obstruction on the dark burner. Or, if you have an independent ignition system, it might be the igniter for that burner. Either way, keep reading to learn just how to check.

Check the Ignition

There are 2 kinds of typical igniters. The first is battery-powered, in which case you’ll listen to a collection of clicks when you press the ignition switch. If you do have a battery-powered ignition system, attempt changing the battery initially.

The second type is a piezo-electric system, in which instance you’ll hear a solitary click. If you have a piezo-electric system and also none of your heaters will light, you probably have a switch or circuitry problem. Regrettably, it usually needs that you replace the button or wiring, which can be challenging.

Nevertheless, if several of your burners will certainly light, with either system, you probably have a clogged heater or a faulty igniter at the heater.

Determining a Faulty Igniter or Clogged Burner

Initially, you need to switch off your gas and also separate it from the regulatory authority prior to dealing with your grill. Next off, you’ll want to remove the food preparation grates, heater plates, as well as flavor bars. Once you can aesthetically inspect your burners, you can repair the issue.

Faulty Ignitor

If you have an independent ignition system, every one of your burners will certainly have igniters alongside them. The igniters ought to trigger when you press the ignition button or transform your handles to the proper setup. If one or more of your igniters does not produce a blue spark, it is possibly damaged. You can very carefully clean up around the igniter and also attempt once again if you assume particles is triggering the problem. If cleaning it doesn’t suffice, you’ll most likely need to replace it.

Some grills have a solitary igniter that lights a pilot burner, which lights all the others. You can check the solitary igniter utilizing the technique above. If the igniter is great or the pilot burner lights yet fails to light all the others, you’ll intend to check for clogs.

Clogged Burner

If you believe you have a stopped up heater, you’ll have to remove the grill rack, flavor bars, and also heater plates to evaluate the heater visually. Keep in mind to shut off the gas and remove the storage tank prior to servicing your grill.

A blocked burner will have food, grease, or other debris visible obstructing the gas flow from reaching the igniter. You can very carefully clean up the clogged up heater out with a wire or brush.

If you see damages to a heater that will not light, the most effective thing to do is change it by complying with the directions in your proprietor’s handbook.

Gas Grill Won’t Stay Lit

If your grill will not stay lit or the fires do not appear to obtain as big and also hot as they typically do, you probably have a gas flow trouble. First, examine to make certain your storage tank still has fuel in it and that the shutoff is completely open. If neither of those is the problem, you’ll intend to reset the regulator.

How to Reset Your Regulator

A fairly common problem is the bypass shutoff inside the regulatory authority obtaining stuck shut or half-closed. It restricts the amount of gas to the heaters, triggering the grill to go out or otherwise warm properly. To reset your regulatory authority, comply with these steps.

Step 1
Open up the lid of your grill and afterwards transform all burners to the off placement.

Step 2
Turn the shutoff on the gas storage tank clockwise to turn off the gas to the regulatory authority.

Step 3
Loosen the regulatory authority valve (things that resembles a steel disc) from the propane tank by transforming it counter-clockwise up until it is devoid of the container.

Step 4
Transform every one of your heater handles to the completely open or “high” placement. This launches any type of pressure in the gas lines of the grill. Wait a min for the stress to launch and the regulatory authority to reset.

Step 5
Turn your heater handles back to the off position.

Step 6
Re-attach the regulatory authority to the propane container.

Step 7
Open up the shutoff on the container gradually until it is fully open. Your grill ought to operate generally now. If it still doesn’t light or doesn’t stay lit, you may have a damaged regulator valve or pipe that needs replacing.

In Conclusion

Currently you understand the essentials for troubleshooting a barbecue grill that will not light or remain lit. Certainly, the directions over are a guideline that benefits most barbecue grill.

Generally, it’s something easy like a clogged burner or a defective regulator. On occasion, it can be a security device or negative electrical wiring, which are each a little bit extra tough to deal with. Consulting your proprietor’s guidebook is always a good suggestion when repairing your grill. If you do not have one, most owner’s manuals are offered totally free online.

Many thanks for analysis. Satisfied Cooking!

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