Correct upkeep and prompt replacement of crucial parts will expand the life of your barbecue grill. When the time comes to throw away your old grill, we encourage an accountable method that will yield safe and eco-friendly outcomes. Before you deal with an old grill, be sure to clean it as extensively as feasible of all food debris. The complying with standards will certainly assist you establish how best to throw out the grill.


1.Grill Body.

The body of a Char‑Broil ® grill is mostly created with recyclable products including steel, stainless steel and also light weight aluminum. Scrap metal suppliers can take care of and also offer these basic materials that will eventually be made use of in a brand-new steel product.

2.Grill Lid

If the grill lid has plastic manages or sides, inspect the plastic for the imprinted reuse logo. If the plastic does not have the logo design, you’ll need to throw away the plastic with your normal trash waste pick-up. Any steel, stainless steel and light weight aluminum can be recycled with neighborhood scrap steel dealerships who will melt the metal down.

3.Side Shelves

Remove any kind of plastic side racks and examine them for a reusing mark. If the side racks are recyclable, they can be recycled with other plastic recyclables. If no recycling mark is located, they should be disposed of in the typical trash waste pick-up. Steel side racks can be broken down and also reused at your local scrap metal dealer.

4.Propane Hose

Cut off the pipe that runs from the container connector to the heaters and also take care of it in the basic residential garbage waste pick-up. It can not be recycled.

5.Gas Valves

Gas valves are constructed from brass or light weight aluminum and can be gotten rid of and also reused independently.

6.Control Knobs

The gas control knobs are recyclable if they are made of black plastic. If they are metal plated, they should be thrown away in the typical trash waste pick-up.

7.Electronic and Batteries

Any electronics (ignition cords as well as electric controllers) and also batteries need to be eliminated and also taken care of with consumer electronics. Check your neighborhood municipality for e-waste pick-up or drop-off choices.


A lot of plastic wheels can be recycled with various other recyclable plastic products. Wheels need to be disposed of with your regular trash waste pick-up.

9. LP Tank

LP containers are commonly multiple-use through numerous LP tank exchange programs. If you are getting rid of a storage tank, it should be offered to a propane gas dealer for recycling or disposal. Due to recurring gas, a scrap steel supplier can not safely throw away LP containers.

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